Climate Alpha, located in Singapore, studies how climate change may affect the value of real estate

Climate Alpha was founded by a globalization and geography specialist and is an artificial intelligence platform that aids property owners and investors in assessing the effects of climate change on their holdings. Today, the Singaporean business revealed on Treasure Tampines it had secured $5 million in initial investment of Treasure at Tampines Price List, with the help of Jungle Ventures’ innovative First Cheque@Jungle program for seasoned entrepreneurs.

American house builder Lennar Corporation is one of Climate Alpha’s clients who has again announced a Treasure at Tampines E Brochure. Other clients include Oaktree Capital and BentallGreenOak, both of which are large investment firms.

To better inform property owners on how climate change may affect their investment, the platform makes use of Geographic Information System (GIS) data and economic modeling. It also leverages public and private data sources and proprietary machine learning algorithms to provide estimates of climate change’s financial effect.

Parag Khanna published “Move: Where People are Going for a Better Future,” a book on how climate change, geopolitics, and tech are affecting where people live, before launching Climate Alpha.

While writing the book, Khanna and his brother helped their parents choose climate-resilient retirement homes. Parag urged FutureMap research director Kailash Prasad to link climate characteristics to property value estimates. Climate Oases, a FutureMap practice area, became Climate Alpha. The Singaporean government gave Climate Alpha a data science grant during the outbreak. It also collaborated with Lennar and Capitaland.

Real estate has gone up and to the right for decades, but that’s changing owing to climate change, increasing insurance, demographic outflows, high-interest rates, changed investment patterns, etc., Khanna added. “We model these complex interactions to give more confidence in where—and where not—to invest.”

Climate Alpha provides physical climate risk statistics, estimates, and assessments for every region using industry-standard climate models, and demographic, and economic data. It may also incorporate electricity grid dependability and economic momentum, which can reduce risk in the US and Canada (with more added). Climate Alpha helps investors make judgments by comparing its predicted economic and asset growth to past patterns.

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